Help Me Find These AWESOME Surfers!

On March 26, around 2:30 pm I headed out to Pensacola Beach in hopes of capturing some shots of the lightning. Unfortunately, upon arrival at the beach I realized that would not happen because the weather had shifted and the storm was no longer positioned where I needed it to be to photograph it as I'd hoped...

Fortunately for me the weather was not the only thing going on at the beach that day. As I looked out in the water I noticed these surfers way out in the gulf, so far out you couldn't tell much about what they were doing or who they were. I decided that I would walk out on the pier and take a closer look.

I finally got out to where they were and there were several surfers out riding the waves that the storms had stirred up that day. I took out my camera and started shooting. I managed to get some shots of most of them but I believe there was a few of them that were just too far out for me to photograph. 

I tried to my best get in contact with them that day to get their contact information so I could send them their pictures but I was not able to. With the wind, and waves, there was no way they could hear me. By the time I finished shooting and got back to the shore they were too far out to notice me and I had to leave before they came in.

I would love to get each of them their picture and get to go out and photograph them again! I do not know if they are Pensacola, FL locals or if they are from a different part of the country.

Please help me find them by sharing this page and posting to your social media accounts! With your help I'm sure we can find these awesome surfers and I can get their pictures to them!

Thank you for your help!