So you got a New DSLR? That’s Exciting! But umm… What do you do with it? Let me show you!

Everyone has to start somewhere, so why don’t you allow me to help you with that? You could start by flipping through that 100+ page manual you get in your nifty cardboard camera box. How do you know what part of it actually pertains to you and what you need to know? In this workshop I will guide you through the aspects of your camera that you need to know. The parts that will make a difference in your photos, and have you feeling confident in your abilities. Be able to handle your camera, without hesitation.


WHEN? April 6th, 2019

WHAT TIME? 10am - 12pm AND 6pm - 8pm

WHERE? Longhollow Creatives - 700 N. Guillemard Street. Pensacola, FL

HOW MUCH? $99 For a Two Hour Class

*PLEASE NOTE - The Workshop will be held UPSTAIRS. Don’t get confused when you walk into a downstairs office space!


So What Am I Going To Learn?

  • The Exposure Triangle

  • In depth with Shutter Speed

  • Diving into Aperture

  • Exploring ISO

  • Learning The Priority Modes (Aperture and Shutter Priority)

  • Why Manual Mode is the way to go

  • .JPG VS RAW and why you should always shoot RAW

  • Items you may need if you want to take up a serious photo business

  • And more…

Any Nifty Perks For Attending?

  • A Booklet covering all the spectacular information I discussed

  • Unlimited 24/7 365 day access to my Private, Informative, full of Classified Info Facebook Group. You will be able to interact with other workshop attendees. Post your new, amazing photos you will have taken after the workshop and receive feedback from myself, as well as other group members. Be in the know when I do group photo outings so you can tag along and get in the field guidance.

  • Giving away one print to one lucky person in attendance!

  • A complimentary bottle of water! You don’t even have to bring your own!

What Do I Need To Bring?

  • Any brand DSLR you’ve got! Nikon, Canon, Sony! I don’t discriminate! MUST be able to detach the lens

  • At least one lens to attach to the camera

  • A notebook to write some notes if that’s your thing


Who Is This Dustin Williams Guy?

You know, that is a really great question. Half the time I’m still trying to figure out who I am myself. So let me just tell you a little about me and what I’ve done.

I’ve been doing photography for over 5 years now. I started out as a graphic designer until one day I thought, “You know, instead of using everyone else’s photos, why don’t I just take my own?” So after I graduated high school I picked up a DSLR and haven’t quit photography since! Some of my greatest photo accomplishments would be:

  • Most notably known as photographing the Milky Way here in Pensacola! I’ve actually been noticed in public! ISN’T THAT CRAZY?

  • Official Photographer for the former Double A affiliate Cincinatti Red Baseball Team, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

  • Photographed major, headlining musicians.

  • Featured on Buzzfeed, and several other news outlets! I went viral!

  • Featured in local shops, and restaurants.

  • Won multiple ribbons in the local fair, as well as finalist in online photo contests! (Shoot & Share and others)

Most importantly though, my great accomplishment isn’t any of these things. My greatest accomplishment and proudest moment is when I see others that I’ve had a hand in helping succeed. Even more so than success myself. I have never seen the point acquiring knowledge if I can’t use it to help others. That’s who I am. That’s what I hope to do for you.

Dustin may shoot Nikon but has helped me with astrophotography while using my Canon. He’s helped me set everything up from aperture to ISO. He’s patient and understanding and wants to help others grow.
— Rae
I got to go out and have first hand experience photographing the Milky Way with Dustin. I had never done astrophotography before and from the moment we met up, he began teaching me about the WHY and not just the HOW. That allowed me to truly understand the thought process behind astrophotography & I retained that information. He made me feel so comfortable and confident that I went home and started shooting on my own and ended up falling in love with the whole process!
— Abigail
Where do I begin? He is an amazing photographer, from family sessions to astro, he can do it and rock your socks off! He explains everything so us “slow people” understand! He is very patient and thorough with explaining everything in detail.
— Cody
Super helpful (even though you shoot Nikon) your instruction was able to cross brands and still provide expert guidance. I learned so much in just shooting the night sky with you one time!
You mind and skill are valuable, thank you for being willing to share
— Lydia
Oh wow, how can I list ALL you’ve done for me in 4-5 sentences?! Seriously though, the 1st time I ever met Dustin was at Gulf Breeze Zoo. He was so excited about getting a new lens & offered to let me shoot with it. I couldn’t believe what a kind-hearted person he was then & he continues to be a giver & a helper all the time! He patiently learned my camera (Canon) with me so he could answer all my multiple questions. He never says, “I’ve already taught you how to do that before” even when he’s taught me the same things over & over!

Dustin, you’ve given freely of your time & energy...I’m so excited for your future & for those of us who’ve experienced your generosity to be able to help support YOU! Thank you for showing me the joys of Astrophotography!!
— Linda
Always willing to stop what your doing to help us newbie’s. You’ve helped me with focus and lighting. Also your passionate about photography and it shows in your work.
— Lisa
Knowledgeable. Patient. Precise and to the point. He’s hands on and questions you to be sure you understand! He knows portraits, landscapes and sports photography inside and out. He knows the business to help you navigate those waters too. Beginner or pro, he can meet you at your level—with any kind of camera! I’m signing up!
— Maggi

Now You Know. What Next?

Now that you’ve read through this entire page, at least I hope you did, I hope I’ve been able to answer all your questions! What the workshop is about, what I’m about, how good of a journalist I am(not really) and so forth. If you’ve decided this is the workshop for you, the snazzy little button below will take you to the page to buy tickets. If for some reason you said “Nope, this ain’t for me!” that’s okay! Whether it be the day, time, wrong workshop for you, or so forth, that’s okay! This is definitely not going to be the last workshop! There’s many more where this one is coming from! I hope to see you on April 6th!